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Great market research considers all sides of a business decision. It leads to tough choices and doesn’t dance around recommendations. Above all, it provides context and clarity.

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How MR Has Changed in the Past Decade By Dominic Atkinson / January 15, 2020

Top 10 Changes in MR Over the Past Decade

From the emergence of DIY platforms to industry consolidation, Dig looks at the biggest changes in the market industry in the past 10 years.

By Michael Edwards / December 03, 2019

If Research and Tech Need To Marry, Who Should Propose?

Tech companies are launching research solutions, and research companies are launching tech solutions. Which is better?

By Ian Ash / October 29, 2019

Why It’s Still OK to Joke Around at Work

Have you stopped joking at work for fear of crossing the line between what is and what isn’t acceptable? If you wish everyone would stop taking things so seriously and just have a good laugh… good news, you are part of the majority! More than half agreed that “I wish people would laugh more at my workplace”.

By Tess Badun / October 09, 2019

The Elusive Nature of Neural Nets — Part Two: Mother Knows Best

The elusive nature of neural nets is, in many ways, similar to that of the thought process of young children....

Artificial Intelligence robot By Tess Badun / October 07, 2019

The Elusive Nature of Neural Nets — Part One: Baby Steps

Dermatologists at Stanford University were training a neural net to determine whether a picture of a dermal lesion was skin cancer. Initial test ended up doing well enough until they realized that the machine would classify any image as potential skin cancer if there was a ruler in the photo.

By Kristi De Asis / September 30, 2019

The Business Impact of Being a Corporate LGBTQ+ Ally

Dig Insights wanted to see just how much of an impact these corporations’ support and visibility during Pride have on consumer perception and buying behaviour. We partnered with Dynata and spoke to 1000 Torontonians about their awareness and perceptions of Pride and its sponsors. The results are in.