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Celebrity-led Cannabis Brands Poised for Success

With recreational cannabis now legal in eight states, Dig Insights surveyed current and potential cannabis users to determine how appealing 21 of the more popular cannabis brands are. With varying advertising regulations and some entrenched preferences for strains, building brand awareness has its challenges. That said, some are off to a good start.

Cannabis Brands Upsiide

Dig used its swipe-based research tool, Upsiide, to have respondents assess the appeal of each brand and then decide on their favorite.

Upsiide Marijuana Brand Methodology

Leafs by Snoop and Chong’s Choice are the top cannabis brands

With brand familiarity being low, these scores represent initial impressions. This means it may not be surprising that celebrity-based brands are some of the top-performers. Snoop Dogg, Tommy Chong and Bob Marley are associated with 3 of the top 4 scoring brands.

Favored Marijuana Brands

Not only are they appealing to users in general, they’ve also been able to gain traction on social media. Being backed (or led) by a celebrity with a following has helped each brand gain traction. Each brand has 60K Instagram followers receiving an average of over 1,600 likes on their last 10 posts. This is significant engagement compared to even the other two top brands – Kushie and Dixie Elixirs who have 14K and 7K followers, respectively.

Young consumers prefer Leafs by Snoop; older consumers prefer Chong’s Choice

When broken down by age, consumers still prefer celebrity-based brands. They do differ: Leafs by Snoop is the #1 brand among 18-44 year-olds while Chong’s Choice is the leader among Consumers aged 45+. Willie’s Reserve, by Willie Nelson, ranks 5th among the older group.

Favored Marijuana brands - age

Women prefer Leafs by Snoop; Men prefer Chong’s Choice

The split is similar by gender; women prefer Leafs by Snoop and men prefer Chong’s Choice. Marley Natural and Kushie land in the top 5 for both groups.

Favored Marijuana brands - men vs women

Potential Consumers are different

Looking at Potential Consumers – people haven’t consumed cannabis in the past 12 months but are open to it – their preferred brand is Madame Munchie. This suggests edibles may be an entry point for Potentials as it combats a top-5 barrier (as found in Dig’s annual Cannabis Culture Report) – people not liking to smoke. Marley Natural and Chong’s Choice also scored favorably.

Favored Marijuana Brands - Potential Users

With celebrity-led brands winning the first impression game, they may be in-line to getting first crack at building brand loyalty. That said, Potential consumers offer some insight that there are opportunities for competitors.

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