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Food Trends 2019: What did we learn?

In the summer of 2018, Dig launched a self-funded study to discover current trends in food and understand what drives them. Using our proprietary concept testing tool Upsiide, we interviewed 3500 consumers aged 18-64 in Canada, USA and the UK on various topics related to food.

10 modules were tested: ingredients, descriptors, minimizing negatives, cooking techniques, dietary trends, sourcing, packaging, preparation methods, regional cooking and technology. To minimize respondent fatigue, each respondent only saw 4 modules. The sample in each country was balanced by age/gender/region to be nationally representative.

Some results confirmed our expectations; others were more surprising. Here are some of our most interesting findings. Click the links to read the full articles, or download the full report for free.

When we first launched Upsiide in 2017, it was primarily used to test products. Through the work on this study and many others, we have proven that it can also be used to test concepts, ideas, trends, advertising and much more. If you would like to test your ideas with Upsiide, please email

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