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Integrating Consumer Insights into Start-Up Decision Making

The client was transitioning from a fast-growing start up to a more mature business that had to work in new ways to drive ongoing growth. Product innovation had, until this point, been decided based on internal opinion only. There was now a need for more rigor and consumer input. For this specific initiative, we looked at dozens of current and potential colors for the client’s products. The goal was to develop a balanced portfolio of colors that appealed to the broadest range of consumers.  

How Dig Insights Addressed the Business Challenge

Dig Insights used Upsiide to address this information need. Upsiide is like Tinder for innovation. It is a mobile first, engaging way for consumers – especially younger consumers – to assess ideas. Upsiide leverages a language that younger consumers understand (mobile swiping) instead of forcing younger consumers to talk to us in an outdated research language. This simple interface also encourages intuitive, System 1 responses. 1,000 Americans across the country voted on the products in 50 colours.

The Outcome

Looking only at the in-market colours in this test, Upsiide predicted their in-market performance with an incredible 0.99 correlation. This simple tool was able to predict market performance with essentially perfect accuracy. Item ranking, structural maps and TURF analysis were used to find a colour mix that maximizes the breadth of appeal of the portfolio and to find colours that are individually compelling. The study was completed in 10 days including all analysis and reporting.

Dig Insights provided the client with recommendations for the optimal colour mix. In addition, Dig Insights built an online interface that allows the client to run their own analysis (e.g., filtering the results by age, or gender, or region, or consumer segment). 

Key Takeaways

  1. Upsiide is validated and able to predict performance in-market.
  2. A methodology that is easy and fun for respondents can provide the necessary data for very sophisticated analysis.
  3. TURF analysis is a useful tool for optimizing a portfolio mix. An online interface allows the client team to investigate additional scenarios.

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