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Jaitra Chaudhuri Shares About His Internship Experience at Dig Insights

Are you interested in joining Dig to launch your career in market research? Below, Jaitra Chaudhuri, former Research Analyst Intern, shares his key learnings from his internship experience at Dig.

Working with Dig Insights has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. As a student going into my third year of university, working as a research analyst intern pushed me to develop my skills and my business acumen.

As someone who is still new to the market research field, I was both thrilled and shocked to find out that I could already help notable companies and brands develop their products and see the tangible results of my work in the real world.

My time with Dig Insights helped me realize a lot of things, but here are my key learnings from my internship:

Great companies make sound decisions

Every time a company chooses to redesign their brand or churn out a product, it’s not simply a stroke of genius by an executive. Decisions have to be backed up, and require large amounts of research before they can be implemented. Having been a general consumer my whole life, getting to be on the other side taught me that every move a company makes must be thoroughly planned to ensure a greater chance of success.

Long gone are the days of a traditional survey

Surveys no longer simply ask respondents multiple questions on a 5-point scale, hoping to extract meaningful data from the average result. Instead, surveys are rapidly evolving so that the respondent is making meaningful decisions with important factors at play, in order to better simulate decision-making in the real market. Through this, companies can tailor their product and service offerings to the consumer so they get exactly what they want.

Leadership is more than just telling your subordinates what to do

While working at Dig, interns and research analysts were pushed to develop their skills and work on passion projects, in order to make meaningful contributions. I was lucky to have leaders that wanted to work with me, and help me reach my full potential. As an undergraduate student, I felt empowered and encouraged, which made me want to work harder for the people who believed in my skills.

The market research industry is rapidly changing and continuously innovating, so based on what I’ve learned from my internship experience at Dig, I’ve come up with a few of my own tips for those who want to break into this field:

  1. Being intimidated at first is okay. As someone who had little experience in marketing, I was overwhelmed with all of the tools, techniques and analytics used to break down and understand the market. There will be a steep learning curve. I encourage new analysts to stick to the process, and learn at your own pace. Everyone is overwhelmed at first, but it gets easier and easier over time, and with experience.
  2. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If there is a concept you do not understand, or a tool you are learning to use, it can be better to ask for help from an expert instead of stumbling around in the dark. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and has their own strengths and weaknesses. While you may not want to seek advice or make suggestions, in fear of looking incompetent, know that other analysts are considerate and will want to see you succeed. Also, if there is a project you want to work on, don’t be afraid to ask! Initiative goes a long way in the market research field, and working on a passion project will both augment your learning and display your enthusiasm for learning to others.
  3. Have fun! The beauty of the market research industry is that there is a role for everyone. If you love digging deep into numbers and working with all of Dig’s analytics tools, do it and show your work to everyone. If you have an eye for design, work on making dynamic presentations that best display important results! If you love talking with people and building relationships, talk to clients and help understand how you can best serve them. To echo it again, market research is being disrupted in many ways, and leveraging your background and personal interests will only help you succeed.

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