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By Joe Colaiacovo / December 27, 2018
Food Trends

The Search For Easier Preparation Methods

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, we examined preparation methods. Our goal was to find out which preparation methods...

By Dafna Ben-Yehoshoua / December 21, 2018

2018: Year in Review

With the holiday season upon us, Dig is reminiscing on what a great year 2018 was and all the success...

By Michael Edwards / December 18, 2018

Takeaways from a Client-Side Insights Conference

I’m back from the recent client-side ESOMAR conference in NY. It was ESOMAR’s first client-side event in the US and was well...

By Cara Tigue / December 12, 2018
Food Trends

Everyone Loves Italian Food

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, we examined regional cuisines. Our goal was to find out which regional cuisines...

By Robin Brown / December 05, 2018
Food Trends

Women Eat Better than Men

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, we examined ingredients. Our goal was to find out which ingredients are...

By Michael Edwards / November 30, 2018
Food Trends

The Death of Cooking?

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, Dig Insights examined cooking techniques. Our goal was to find out which...

By Rory McGee / November 15, 2018

Four Fears Canadians Have about Cannabis Legalization

After a few bumps along the way, cannabis legalization is here. The process didn’t exactly inspire confidence as a scant...

Cannabis vaping By Rory McGee / October 17, 2018

Three Reasons Daily Cannabis Consumers will not Buy Legal

Legal cannabis is here. Now, will people buy it? With companies experiencing sky-high price-to-earnings ratios and hiring benders, optimism is...

Marijuana joint By Rory McGee / September 11, 2018

Legal or Illegal – Where will cannabis be bought post-legalization?

To understand where cannabis buyers will purchase post-legalization (October 17th), Dig Insights conducted a market simulation exercise. This was part...

Marijuana user By Rory McGee / April 22, 2018

Celebrity-led Cannabis Brands Poised for Success

With recreational cannabis now legal in eight states, Dig Insights surveyed current and potential cannabis users to determine how appealing...