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By Kevin Hare / April 25, 2019

Dig Insights Supports Headway in Promoting Healthier Minds at Work in Honour of Luke Sklar

May marks the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Month, and I am very excited that Dig Insights is partnering with...

By Robin Brown / April 19, 2019

Canada’s Legal Weed Retailers Not Celebrating This 420

Sorry to kill your vibe but Dig Insights told you so While Canadian pot smokers are celebrating 420 in 2019,...

By Pedro Rondon Andueza / April 10, 2019
Case Studies

Integrating Consumer Insights into Start-Up Decision Making

The client was transitioning from a fast-growing start up to a more mature business that had to work in new...

By Michael Edwards / April 05, 2019

Innovation Sprints – why walk when you can run?

Every company now wants to be a tech company or at least feel like a tech company. As a result,...

By Vivienne Zhong / March 29, 2019
Case Studies

Reinvigorating a Big Brand in a Stagnant Category

The client wanted to understand if packaging, price or product innovation could reinvigorate a major CPG brand in a stagnant...

By Dafna Ben-Yehoshoua / February 25, 2019
Food Trends

Food Trends 2019: What did we learn?

In the summer of 2018, Dig launched a self-funded study to discover current trends in food and understand what drives...

By Paul Gaudette / February 13, 2019
Food Trends

Harnessing Technology to Personalize Diet

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study using our proprietary tool Upsiide, we examined the use of technology to understand...

By Dominic Atkinson / February 08, 2019
Food Trends

Eco-Friendly Packaging is on the Rise

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, we examined packaging attributes. Our goal was to find out which packaging attributes...

By Cheryl Hung / January 30, 2019
Food Trends

Is “Locally Sourced”​ the New “Organic”​?

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, we examined sourcing methods. Our goal was to find out which sourcing methods...

By Marcie Connan / January 30, 2019
Food Trends

Passion for Spice

As part of the Upsiide 2019 Food Trends study, we examined descriptors, i.e., words describing flavours and textures in food. Our goal...