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Raise your hand if you’re holding your smartphone… the other hand

Dominic Atkinson, one of the co-founders of Dig, provides his point of view on a trend that will impact research in 2019: mobile first research.

Mobile-friendly isn’t the same as mobile first when it comes to online surveys. No, not even close.

If you think I’m wrong, think-back to the last time you booked or bought something on your phone when the website wasn’t optimized for mobile. Now imagine that’s a grid of 20 scaled agreement statements … you begin to see the issue.

Compare that to Tinder (yeah, you know what it is), or Yelp, or Skip The Dishes, or Uber or… any of the other companies that have optimized the mobile experience.

That’s what you are ‘competing with’ when you ask a respondent to complete a 20 min survey (be honest it’s almost 30 mins), because chances are, if it’s a respondent whose opinion you actually want, then they want to do it on their phone. Disagree? What are you reading this blog on right now? 

Some market researchers are rolling their eyes – “what about gamification” they’ll say “end-clients didn’t care about that, why should they care about mobile-first”?

Combine an increased importance of getting ‘system 1’ reactions with a desire for in-the-moment feedback and you have just a few of the reasons to care that your surveys are mobile first, not just mobile friendly. 

Other trends will reinforce this need, including micro surveys and the ability to link to geo-location data in a meaningful way, and you have more than a trend, you have a fundamental shift in collection methodology. 

As an industry our collection methods went from paper to phone to online to phone again, but this time it’s a smartphone.

If the ‘future is mobile’ then is your research agency ready?

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