Complex questions. Clear answers.

Great market research considers all sides of a business decision. It leads to tough choices and doesn’t dance around recommendations. Above all, it provides context and clarity.

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Why You Should Work With Us

Businesses need clear direction. But the world is complex. Market research that ignores that complexity is often simplistic, superficial or wrong. We don’t cut through complexity. We deal with it. We factor it into our research. We filter and refine it.

Ultimately, we deliver clear answers

Answers that resolve the divide between complexity and clarity. Answers that are correct. If this is interesting to you, read some stories of how and for whom Dig has worked. Or, see who’s behind Dig.

Have complex questions? Need clear answers?

How Dig’s Different

Dig brings market research into the real world. This requires us to integrate complexity – business questions, competitive contexts in which consumers make choices, and methodological decisions. We can do this because our senior consultants collaborate internally and with clients on every project to develop custom-designed solutions that address the business’ needs. Our methods are more labour intensive, but they deliver superior results.

The way we work

We eagerly look outside of market research, and then integrate the opportunities we discover into advanced methodologies and ways of delivering data. We don’t ask people why they think or behave a certain way; we derive it. We don’t ask people what they will do; we create simulated decision environments and allow them to act. Wherever possible, the numbers we present are those that matter to the business: volume, revenue and profit.

The way we don’t work

A lot of market research lives in a parallel universe, where people know why they do what they do, where their choices are logical, where they can predict their own behaviour. It’s a place where methodologies developed years ago, that no longer reflect current thinking, are permitted to survive. This universe has its own language. A language of top two box scores and performance vs. normative databases that are filled with failed ideas. This language is divorced from the language of business.

Market research shouldn’t be a barrier to change

This other universe exists because it benefits many market research vendors. It allows for simplistic, scalable methodologies that can be managed by junior staff. But this universe does not benefit market research users. Those who enter it find that research often becomes an obstacle to change. We Dig people have all seen this universe, clocked its failings, and created a better one of our own.

Have complex questions? Need clear answers?

What Dig Delivers

We help our clients understand the market. We translate that understanding into action. We build a business case for change. And we speak in the language of business.

Case studies

Have complex questions? Need clear answers?

Join the Team

We have experienced strong growth since our launch in 2010. This creates opportunities for learning and career advancement. The roles we have listed here are our perspective on what we need. But we try to be open-minded. If you think you would be a great addition to the Dig team and have a different vision of what role you can play, please contact us.

We are focused on building a better market research agency. What does “better” mean? The most important thing to understand is that we have tools, approaches and a perspective on how research should be done, but we do not sell ‘canned’ methodologies. So if you want to manage an established process, Dig is not the place for you. People who succeed at Dig Insights either have a fantastic technical understanding of market research or are willing to build this understanding. Ideal team members are smart, creative and fun. They use quantitative research to work through complex questions and deliver clear answers. They question established research practices and are passionate about helping our clients to move their businesses forward. They are comfortable working in a fast moving, flat organization.

Are you ready for something better?

We are looking for people to fill these roles:

Crystal Sarantoulias

647-407-2342 • email

Crystal Sarantoulias - Market Research Consultant at Dig Insights

Q: What was your background before joining Dig Insights?

A: Before joining Dig, my background was primarily in the entrepreneurial space where I helped startup companies understand their market and their target customer as part of the business planning process. It was during this role that I realized that every company, whether big or small, has a customer and in order to get it right with their customer they need to know not only understand who they are but how they think and make decisions. It was then that I decided to pursue my Masters of Science in Marketing and Consumer Studies to gain the theoretical and practical skills in consumer behavior in order to be better equipped to help companies. After my schooling, I worked for Dig for 3 years as a Research Analyst and a Research Manager working with clients to help them understand the impact of adding, removing and modifying products in their portfolios and projecting out what this means for their business.

Q: What is your approach to market research?

A: My approach to market research is to really understand as much as you can about the bigger picture in the client’s world, however that may be defined. What events or information led to them pursuing this research, what do they plan on doing with the insights and how does this fit into their strategic plan or company vision moving forward. Knowledge is power. I think the more you know, the better you can tailor the insights to be as impactful and actionable as possible for the client.

Q: How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

A: I definitely think consumer connectedness will have an impact on research over the next few years. We have already seen this with the rise of mobile research, but I feel that this is only the beginning. With so many ways in which consumers can share their feelings and experiences about a product or service online, there might be an opportunity to further leverage this feedback from a research perspective.

Q: If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

A: Research is most definitely a passion of mine, however if I was not in research I would want to be working with a startup company. There is something to be said for the challenge and energy required to get a new business off the ground. I find that creating something from nothing is very exciting!

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