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Understanding the Changing
Consumer Landscape

Syndicated Tracker

We took a deep dive into Canadian and American consumer responses to COVID-19 and how this has impacted behaviors.

By Kristi De Asis / August 12, 2020

Dig In: Ep 13 — Trends and Challenges of the Market Research Industry

Ease of use, integration, research tech — what’s next for the insights industry? Mike Stevens, Founder of Insight Platforms, joins Ian Ash to talk about the current state, trends, and challenges of market research, and what the future looks like for the industry.

By Kristi De Asis / August 05, 2020

DIG IN: Ep 12 — Breaking News on Cryptocurrency

Dig Research Analyst and resident Crypto expert Eric Ferreira is back on #DigIn to discuss some of the latest cryptocurrency news, the future of cash, and talks about a central bank digital currency.

By Kristi De Asis / July 22, 2020

DIG IN: Ep 11 — How to Adapt Your Marketing During COVID-19

Today’s global crisis has either paralyzed marketing teams, or have set them up to thrive. In this episode of #DigIn, Behaviour CEO Scott O’Hara shares his perspective on how brands should be engaging their audience during difficult times.

By Kristi De Asis / July 14, 2020

DIG IN: Ep 10 — How a Non-Profit Org is Navigating COVID-19

With a mix of office-based business support work, fundraising and event planning, and also a service arm that requires face-to-face interactions, CNIB has faced and continues to face unique challenges during COVID-19.

By Kristi De Asis / July 08, 2020

DIG IN: Ep 9 — Understanding the Changing COVID-19 Landscape

Dig's ongoing research delves deep into consumer behaviours and experiences while providing insights across a variety of categories such as financial hardships, mental health, personal health, retail landscape, government & the economy.

By Kristi De Asis / June 30, 2020

DIG IN: Ep 8 — The 2020 Esports Landscape: COVID-19, Opportunities, & Profitability

Dig Co-Founder Ian Ash sits down for a virtual chat with Amuka Esports CEO Ben Feferman for a brief yet concise introduction to the world of competitive online gaming, and how the industry is faring during the pandemic.