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Cannabis Culture Report

Recreational Marijuana Usage and Attitudes

As governments in both Canada and the US explore legalization, Dig Insights has launched a market research study to understand the recreational marijuana market in both countries.

This ground-breaking study examines attitudes and behaviors in a market that is poised to transform. This study also looks beyond recreational marijuana to understand the impact of marijuana use on other categories.

Click on the flags below to see an infographic overview of results in each country.

Cannabis Culture Report for Canada Cannabis Culture Report for the United States
Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 1Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 2Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 3Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 45Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 5Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 6Cannabis Culture Report - Canada - Page 7

Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 1Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 2Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 3Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 45Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 5Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 6Cannabis Culture Report - USA - Page 7

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