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What was your background before joining DIG insights?

My background in Statistics exposed me to various statistical methodologies before joining Dig. I enjoy working with data and I want to do more than just running statistical programs. My passion for data led me to start my career in Market Research.

I joined ACNielsen for a couple of years as a Client Service Executive and this further enhanced my market research skills. After ACNielsen, I worked for several market research companies where I successfully handled numerous U&A, pre-launch testing and segmentation studies.

Prior to Dig, I worked at comScore as Senior Research Manager, where I managed tracking and satisfaction studies for a leading software company.

How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

I think 3 years from now, market research will continue to find effective ways on how to integrate mobile and video to fully monitor how people, especially the younger generation, behave and respond to surveys.

If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

I would have probably finished my studies in actuarial science and joined the academe to teach the younger generation.