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Q. What was your background before joining Dig Insights?

Immediately before Dig Insights, I worked with the Ministry of Education. The journey that has led me to Dig Insights starts, however, with an early childhood educator role. This role sparked a passion for understanding the story behind the story and lead me to continue my education to get my bachelor’s degree followed by my master’s degree. That curiosity has always stayed with me to understand fully what is going on in any circumstance and seek to inform decision makers about the best choice to make for the most desirable outcomes. This passion has contributed to a number of different research studies where I have combined various skill-sets, talents, and experiences to compile a comprehensive solution for just about any problem being faced.

Q. How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

Human beings are an ever-changing enigma. Research seeks to understand this enigma and produce meaningful action which can impact whole industries and disrupt markets. I believe market research, therefore, will increase in capturing the “imperceptible differences” which make products and services more appealing to consumers and end-users in ways they didn’t even realize. This will come through greater access to and quantities of data, data which will be stored in private, semi-private, and public data lakes where only the best and brightest will be able to make this data into actionable insights.

Q. If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

With an interest in history and film, I would likely produce a period piece to be showcased on Masterpiece Theatre or the BBC. But so long as producing such a work of art is prohibitively expensive I shall continue in market research to fund this endeavour.