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Q. What was your background before joining Dig Insights?

Before joining Dig I was just a student. After completing my undergraduate studies in biology, biomedical communications, and psychology, I moved on to Humber College’s Research Analyst program where I changed gears and dove right into market research.

Q. How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

In the next three years, I think that as we see technologies and techniques become more readily available and accessible, as researchers our critical thinking skills will be even more important. We’ll still need a human touch to understand what data are needed and what are not, and above all to understand the story within the data.

Q. If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

If I wasn’t in market research, I’d think I’d still be a student! But otherwise I think I might be interested in interior decorating.