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Q: What was your background before joining Dig Insights?

I completed my Bachelors Degree in Production Engineering at USB in Venezuela and received a MSc in Project Management from NTNU in Norway. My professional experience started at ACNielsen as an account executive, where I learned the basics of market research and consulting. Then I moved to the client side and worked for a few years in market and consumer insights for the largest Coca-Cola bottler in Latin America.

Q: How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

The world around us is changing faster than ever before, and it is a fascinating time to be involved in this industry. Automation, artificial intelligence, big data and geolocation will continue to produce and make data much more accessible. Our role as researchers is to acquire new skills to navigate these changes, and always keep in mind that the end purpose will continue to be the same: to understand consumers and markets.

Q: If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

I think it’s a little late, but I would really like to know what is like to be a professional soccer player