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Q. What was your background before joining Dig Insights?

I was a Media Studies major at Western University and had to read The Science of Shopping by Paco Underhill. This sparked my initial interest in both anthropology and market research. I was fascinated by the human condition and its effect on the consumer space. Therefore, after graduation, I started working at another market research firm in Toronto and was there for 5 years prior to joining Dig.

Q. How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

“Big Data” will need to become more palatable in order for it to be useful. There is a constant push to collect more and more data without a thorough understanding of the information being collected. So much information is collected, but the majority isn’t used, or used improperly. The power of storytelling in generating insightful thoughts and actions will be more important than ever before.

Q. If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

I’ve always been passionate about skincare so in an alternate universe, I would have been a dermatologist.