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What was your background before joining Dig Insights?

My career in market research began with the Research Analyst post-graduate program at Georgian College, where I learned the basics of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Before that, I studied at McMaster University and earned a PhD degree in philosophy. There were many reasons why I changed my career. One of the main reasons was I wanted to do something more practical. I wanted to get my hands on real problems and meet challenges that are solvable. Seeing the results of my research and the impact of those results on others has turned into what I believe will be a life-long commitment and passion.

Before joining Dig, I worked at Environics, with my main focus on clients in retail and consumer packaged goods industry.

How do you think market research will change in the next 3 years?

I am amazed by the rapidly changing technology landscape in the industry. What strikes me most are the new data collecting methods and data visualization technologies developed in recent years. I believe this trend will continue — more and more DIY survey tools, more sophisticated online panels and more beautifully designed and powerful reporting tools.

I think this is the best time for those who love challenges. Technology provides you the possibility to turn something vast, messy, and unorganized into something simple, sharp and elegant.

If you were not in market research, what work would you want to do?

I would teach critical thinking and promote this dynamic and powerful discipline in China. I would also like to write a book on Confucianism. Maybe I’ll get to do that when I reach the age of “understanding the mandate of Heaven”.