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A Closer Look at a Budding Industry — Results from Our 2019 Cannabis Tracker

In October of 2019, the Government of Canada will officially legalize the sale of cannabis edibles. This follows last year’s legalization of recreational cannabis. As part of our 2019 Cannabis Tracker, we looked at various cannabis consumption formats to see how interest in each differs across user groups.

What did we find?

Smoking Reigns Supreme

Call Canadian cannabis users old-fashioned, but two thirds list smoking cannabis, be it from a joint, a bong or a pipe, as their preferred consumption method.

A preview of the Upsiide mobile survey used for the study

This is especially true for daily cannabis users, who are more likely to consume for purposes of relaxation and to relieve stress/anxiety.

This preference for smoking is likely due to its instantaneous effects, especially when compared to other formats. Edibles, for example, can often take over an hour to take effect.

Potential Users Just Want to Eat

While current users continue to roll their joints (or purchase pre-rolls!), potential cannabis users show significant interest in various edible formats.

Using Upsiide, our proprietary idea screening tool, Canadians were shown a selection of unbranded cannabis formats, as well as branded cannabis products.

Solid and liquid edibles outperformed every other format by a significant margin, with soft gels/capsules, lozenges and oral oil rounding out the top five.

The dominance of edibles among potential users continued when they were shown branded products. Chocolate bars, gummies and truffles all cracked the top three.

A sneak peek of the Upsiide dashboard results. The quadrant chart on the bigger screen maps interest and trade-off scores from the Upsiide exercise, making clear the “winning” formats

Interestingly, these potential cannabis users show no discernible preference for products containing THC or CBD. This could either signal a lack of understanding, or simply an openness to trying different products.

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