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Consumer & Market Insights

Businesses need clear direction.

We eagerly look outside of market research, and then integrate the opportunities we discover into advanced methodologies and ways of delivering data. We don’t ask people why they think or behave a certain way; we derive it. We don’t ask people what they will do; we create simulated decision environments and allow them to act. Wherever possible, the numbers we present are those that matter to the business: volume, revenue and profit.

Understand Your Category Icon Getting a firm understanding of a market place can be challenging. Dig is adept at providing answers to foundational questions – what is the size of the market, how many customers are there, what is the awareness and relationship with our brand.
Virtual Markets (Choice Exercises) Icon Dig’s custom-built choice exercises allow you to determine what’s important when a consumer makes a purchase, what type of features they prefer and how it should be priced to maximize revenue.
Market Segmentation Icon Modern marketing is built on targeting the right customers. Dig’s machine learning models take into account the multitudes of (sometimes unforeseen) ways that customers differ so you can find unique and profitable customer segments.
Dissecting and Optimizing a Product (Concept Testing) Icon Filtering out the duds from the stars can be challenging and expensive. Dig’s simple yet intuitive idea screening app – Upsiide – lets real customers assess your ideas and provide you real feedback.
Menu Optimization (TURF) Icon Determining the right product mix is challenging. Dig’s online TURF tool allows you to create optimal combinations for maximizing reach, revenue, repeat purchase and minimizing cost.
Brand Tracking Icon Keeping tabs on your brand is important and Dig regularly conducts studies to determine where any weaknesses – this could be awareness, consideration, trial, or advocacy.