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Dig Insights uses evaluation to inform program design, delivery, performance and efficiency.

We work with clients to build customized evaluation strategies including logic models, performance measurement frameworks, and evaluation methodologies; collect and analyze data, as well as conduct a full evaluation from beginning to end. We strive to help our clients and their funders better understand their programs and policies, to ensure they are able to make evidence-based decisions.

And at Dig, we work closely with all our clients to develop tailored solutions that make evaluation better! We combined traditional evaluation methods with cutting-edge technology to make our evaluations accessible to participants, clients and the general public. Building on Dig’s internal expertise in economic analysis, data science, advanced analytics, and mobile-based research, we able to collect better data from more sources to produce deeper insights, with shorter timelines, and at a lesser cost than traditional research approaches.

We find the right method or technology to support our client goals and, if it does not yet exist, we will create it.
Evaluation is not only at the end of a project; we work with clients to put systems in place early to track changes in key areas to ensure the design and delivery of the program is aligned with their anticipated outcomes.
Through rooting programs in theory, we ensure that our clients have implemented the necessary steps to ensure that their clients can reach their intended outcomes.
Develop, program, launch and analyse online and telephone surveys in a matter of days while reaching vast population segments. Collect qualitative information through new and innovative platforms.
Seamlessly combine data from participants with public datasets and undertake complex analyses to discover significant patterns.
Build accessible, clear, interactive dashboards for our clients to play with the data long after the evaluation report is submitted.