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With Upsiide there’s no simpler, faster or more effective way to identify your best innovation ideas

The ability to identify, prioritize and understand your best ideas is essential for innovation success.

Upsiide is a mobile-first methodology that reflects how people (especially Millennials) relate to the world. Swipe right to like an idea. Swipe left to dislike it. Consider it like Tinder® for ideas.

Upsiide is integrated with our advanced analytic tools that will allow you to determine; the consumer appeal of your ideas, their long-term success potential, the optimal product portfolio mix, and how to optimize your marketing message.

Upsiide empowers your idea screening process with robust data analytics design to understand which ideas are worth exploring. Upsiide; determines which ideas are best and how to make them better, compares your ideas to competitor products and predicts which of your ideas will succeed in the market.
Upsiide analyzes consumer intent and preference by using an intuitive swipe interface to get the honest, split-second decision that your consumer will make in real life. Upsiide reduces the complexity of idea screening to achieve clearer results.
Upsiide delivers crucial insights in as little as 24 hours after the project launch.
Upsiide uses an intuitive swipe interface to test ideas with the modern consumers. This achieves more accurate results and delivers better insights.